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English versionHere at LemosVerde we are building a series of gardens within a garden. From our experience having a “Yellow Book Garden” in the UK, this is not a garden center, it’s not a nursery, it’s not an art and craft shop – it’s all of those! The plants we use are either sourced locally, in Portugal or have been sent as seeds from the UK at some time.

Some plants do well, others seem to struggle with the climatic challenges thrown at them. The sun here simply is more intensive than in the south of the UK. The temperature differences are amazing.  This site and it’s blog is intended to pass on our experiences, and if you care to comment, gather and pass on your experiences. Our aim is to show and support local art and craft within the context of garden(s). Best of all – you are welcome to visit, enjoy, and if you fancy a plant, a piece of art or a handcrafted item – you may be able to buy it or we’ll put you in contact with the source.

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Late spring in Casa de las Flores – Please visit the shop for available plants.


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