About us (a bit)

We, Barbara and myself (Martin) moved from Germany to the south of the UK. We stayed in the UK for 15 years and have now, on our own accord, moved to Galicia in Spain.

During our stay in the UK, gardening became slightly more than a hobby for Barbara.

This resulted in our garden been featured on gardening programs on good old Beep (BBC) as well as a being listed in the “Yellow book”.

As Christmas is celebrated and decorated differently in the UK to Germany we started to have a small “German Christmas Market”. We also thought there is nothing on in spring, why don’t we have an “open garden” with arts and crafts.

Both of these enjoyed growing success and we enjoy hosting events.

Thus as the garden bug travelled with us, why not start something here in Galicia? So we are slowly going to build an adapted mixture of gardening, nursery together with arts and crafts. We hope people living and visiting here will enjoy this.


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